The Brand Behind the Solution

The whole idea behind the Simple Site is to make it easy for micro businesses to have access to professional design and branding, yet be easy on a start up budget. Whether you're starting a hobby or craft or you need a site for a new non-profit or established business, we've lowered the barrier of entry to the web with low priced design services coupled with easy-to-afford, professional hosting with site options.

We endeavor to keep Jesus Christ the fore front of Pearl Marketing Group, the brand behind Simple Sites. With that being said, we felt led to bring our more than twenty years of non-profit and small business branding and marketing experience to work for our community that's experiencing such a hardship because of COVID challenges. Whether you've been laid off, you're bored at home looking for a side hustle for extra income or you've already launched a small business that needs to be on the web - this is a great, cost-effective solution for you! 


With an extensive background in the print and graphic design industries and almost ten years' marketing experience at one of the world's largest charitable organizations, we've been developing client relationships in the west Georgia area for over a decade. Armed with corporate and non-profit experience and a passion for affordable, 'do-it-yourself' marketing, we launched Pearl Marketing Group full time in 2014.


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We hope to strengthen the backbone of startup businesses here in west Georgia by giving them an economical way to get their brands online. 

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